PBA report
Micro movements are the best indicator of how your brain works
What do we do?
Do you need to hire someone or select new members for your team?
You have the CV, your own impression from the interview and maybe a psychometric test. Does the person has the right skills; is their personality suitable for the job and will they fit into the team?
You know you have to get the decision right: for the first time, you are able to get a fast, accurate and inexpensive report that tells you exactly how each person works, what their strengths and weaknesses are that will allow you to compare not only education and experience but the whole picture against other candidates.
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  2. PBA report
    PBA report
    The personality report. One page, easy to use document that gives full picture of the personality. Recommended for mid and high end recruitment, training tool.
  3. iPBA
    More detailed report with interaction guide. Recommended for team building, coaching, team coaching and as relationship improvement tool.
  4. PBa Light
    PBa Light
    Pre selection tool for a situation where you need to choose a small group from a large quantity of people. Recommended for situations when dealing with a lot of applications in recruitment, low end recruitment.